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In August of 2016, the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) approached actress Dewi Reijs with the idea of starting a project with refugees that they had interviewed at the start of the year. Dewi, then, rang director Dennis Overeem and asked him if he could think of any good ideas. Dennis replied: 'Right, so why don't we make a feature film together?'. With refugee filmmakers from different countries both in front and behind the camera. Everyone responded enthusiastically and thus The Buddy Film Project was born. Dennis - with Dewi's help- immediately started organising the offical kick off, which took place at the Dutch Film Festival 2016. The film aims to create work for refugees with a work permit and, moreover, offer payment. By participating in The Buddy Film Project, refugee filmmakers will get the opportunity to acquaint with colleagues from the Netherlands and abroad. Consequently, the refugee filmmakers will have the chance to build their own network and, hopefully, create their own own work and projects in the future. Vice versa, Dutch filmmakers will learn heaps about how the film industry works in, for example, Syria and Iran. The Buddy Film Project is a win-win situation.



Dennis Overeem (Amsterdam, 1971) is a writer-director and has been acting for 25 years in both theatre and film-and-television. In addition, he has worked for Kemna Casting for over 10 years, where he provided commercials and international productions with actors and actresses. In 2009, he travelled to Los Angeles for a period of three months to take part in acting workshops by Ivana Chubbuck. Upon his return home, he fully committed himself to writing and directing. For Net5 he created the comedy-series ‘Sophie’s Web’ and ‘Fashion Planet. For the KWF, he created the infamous comedy-series ‘Aandacht AUB!’. Furthermore, he has made three short films, ‘Viskom’, BAM’ and ‘Fuk IT’, which have all received praise at both national and international film festivals.

Dennis Overeem, Initiator / Director

Dewi Reijs graduated from the Amsterdam Theatre and Fine Art Academy. She has worked as an actress ever since, and has also developed herself as a writer-director for theatre, film and television over the last years. Her graduation monologue ‘Above your Head’was selected for the International Theatre School Festival. She features in several plays, including De Stille Kracht by Theatre Group Amsterdam , directed by Ivo van Hove. In addition to her theatre carreer, she features in numerous television shows including Shouf Shouf – the series, Flikken Maastricht, Dannni Lowinski, A’dam e.v.a. and Moordvrouw. As of November 2016 she will appear in the feature film ‘Een Echte Vermeer’by director Rudolf van den Berg about master falsifier Han van Meegeren. Dewi fills the part of his wife Anna van Meegeren. In 2015, she made her debut as a director with her short film ‘Debiel’, who features the mentally challenged Rahima Güngor in the lead.

Dewi Reijs, Initiator / Project­‐manager

In-Soo Radstake started his career as a producer and director for numerous commercials and broadcasters in The Netherlands. Radstake took part in the Creative Producers Programme at the Binger Film Lab, as part of the EAVE Producers Network. He directed the acclaimed documentary Made in Korea and Parradox about the legendary filmmaker Pim de la Parra. His most recent documentary will be released on television on the EO in December. Radstake has produced various films as Carmen van het Noorden, Spion van oranje and Het Bombardement. Moreover, he produced Het Geheim van de Hema, a documentary about the most iconic department store in The Netherlands, and Hollandse Nieuwe, a feature film about the last herring fishers of in The Netherlands. Since 2015 he fulfils the position of Managing Director at CineCrowd.

In‐Soo Radstake, Producer

Ernie Tee is script coach, script editor and dramaturge, who is worked on the development of numerous film and television drama productions. He studied Dutch and Literature and was active as a film and media publicist for a long time. He also worked as a lecturer in Film and Television Sciences (UvA), and has been a lecturer in Film History/ Film Analysis since 1992. Additionally, he is a personal tutor at the Dutch Film Academy. In 1992, he received the Pierre Bayle-price for film critics. He was advisor for the Media Fund and advisor Feature Film for the Dutch Film Fund. He took part in the Arista Script Development Workshop, the Story Seminar by Robert McKee, and has been working as a script supervisor, scrip editor and dramaturge for inter alia IDTV Film, KRO, Submarine Lemming Film, Pupkin, Rinkel Film and Fu Works since the nineties.

Ernie Tee, Script Supervisor



The Buddy Film Project was launched during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. Actress and director Katrien van Beurden (Theatre Hotel Courage) held a Q&A in front of a packed house.






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